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Episode 6.01 La X – New Verizon Sneak Peek

Update: 31st Jan Thanks to Brent for the heads up. Here is the HQ Version. Update: 17:10 Thanks to Nico (from LOSTpédia-FR) for finding this other link. Hopefully we can get a better copy. http://www.wat.tv/video/lost-6×01-sneak-peek-mauvaise-25t1x_25osb_.html Thanks to hamburglerz77 for sending in the new Sneak Peek that is from Verizon. Sorry for the quality and...

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Watch Episode 6.01!!!

Do NOT discuss the content of this outside of this thread Update: 21:40 Thanks to Sandi from the Forums for these Bandar Ceme screencaps. Update: 19:50 Thanks to Carmen for this alternative. Starts about 1 hour 35 mins in Watch before it’s gone. Quality is quite good but the sound is quite bad at...

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Episode 6X01 La X – Early Recap And Transcript

Do NOT discuss the content of this outside of this thread Update: 1st Feb A big thanks to Dharma_Dave for pulling together as much obrolan as he could. Act 1 (After reviewing the last scene of the season finale, we are reintroduced to the fade to white LOST logo. After a few seconds, the...

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Lost Season 6 – New Promo With New Footage

Update: 2nd Feb Thanks to Robo3687 for this improved version. Update: 23:00 Here is the cap of the timer that people have been discussing. Update: 22:10 And here are some screencaps. Update: 22:00 Thanks againt to DarkUFO reader http://twitter.com/McLovin1019 for this improved video.. Update: 21:10 Thanks to Claudio from http://lost-spoiler.over-blog.com/album-1560615.html for these screencaps. Thanks...

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Book From Sixth Season Of Lost Revealed

Thanks to Katniss for the heads up on this little article. On the Morning Media Menu today, Open Letter Books directorChad W. Post broke some literary news about the upcoming season of Lost. In a mediabistro.com exclusive, Post revealed a book that will play an role in an upcoming episode of Lost–our first glimpse...